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Cocktail Masterclass?

We’re sure you love cocktails – but have you ever wanted to make some yourself? Maybe you don’t have the right equipment at home BUT really want to make a Pornstar Martini?

Don’t worry… we’re coming to your rescue! No.64 Shanklin is offering cocktail making classes where you will make 2 cocktails and then join in the mystery box challenge!

(oh… and you’ll drink everything you make)


Any questions about the masterclass?

We have a minimum booking of 6 and a maximum booking of 20 guests – however we cannot host cocktail masterclasses for more than 10 guests on Fridays & Saturdays due to the busy periods (unless the event is classes as a private venue hire).

Yes, however we cannot host the masterclass for more than 10 people on Fridays and Saturdays.

The cost of the standard class is £25 per person (for 4 drinks). We can however provided package deals; please contact us for more information. 

The mystery-box challenge is an opportunity for you to get creative! We will provide you with a set of ingredients and you will have to create a cocktail from them. We will judge the cocktails and the best one will get a prize!

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We invite you to try this experience!
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